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The Art of Pointless Thinking



boy study, 6 x 6”, 2014

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“ She allowed herself to consider her sadness and realized now that, in part, it was a fear of losing who she loved most. ”


A Pointless Thought: Heaven

I’ve never believed in Heaven.
I always just think that Heaven was an idea of a place;
A place people invented in order for people who experience loss to have hope,
for them to think that there’s this one place that exists;
Where those who leave will stay,
where everyone will eventually go to start over;
Where pain is nonexistent,
and happiness is boundless.

Because this certain idea gives us contentment,
that even though they have to leave,
there will always be that one place we know,
wherever that may be;
A place we will someday only figure out for ourselves,
where they will always be,
like they never left at all.

But really,
it’s only the idea of them that’s there.
And that somehow gives us something uncertain,
but the uncertainty is comforting.

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i’m forever stuck between wanting to discover loads of new music and wanting to listen to the same 4 albums over and over again

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